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Care Tips

Fashion jewelry is becoming a part of our daily outfits and it is also a way to revamp our outfit. But fashion jewelry is made of imitation and gold plated the lifespan is different from the real ones. The lifespan of a fashion jewelry will depends on how you handle it. So below are some DO's DONT's for you to follow to help extend the lifespan.

  • Do store properly
    • use a soft cloth or an eyeglasses cleaning cloth to clean your jewelry before putting it back
    • Store it in a Jewellery box or other secure container that will prevent your baubles from moving around. You can also store your Jewellery in a silk or velvet pouch and put each pouch in a decorative shoe box.
  • Last on, first off
    • put your jewelry on after put your clothing on and take it off first before take off your clothing the will prevent your jewelry to get caught to your clothing during removal process or wearing process. An accidental pull of your jewelry while taking off/puting on your shirt can cause a chain or string to break!
  • Don't get wet, avoid any contact to liquids/chemicals
    • this will expose your jewelry to tarnish
    • example of liquids are dishwashing liquid, liquid detergent, water, sweat, perfume and etc.
  • Don't wear it to the pool or spa
    • this will expose your jewelry to tarnish

Fashion jewellery is not meant to last forever, but why not try to make it last, as long as you can!

We hope these tips guide you on how to care for your fashion jewellery; in order to give your jewellery collection the longevity that it deserves.